If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

-- Lao Tzu --


I’m Beth. I’m originally from California and live in Brooklyn.

A few years ago, I launched a running apparel brand, OnlyAtoms – running clothes manufactured in New York City – a life-long dream come true. (I’ve been known to run).

I also do business coaching for current and aspiring entrepreneurs helping them fulfill their life-long dreams. I specialize in helping people launch and grow their conscious products and heart-centered businesses.

Do YOU want to launch and grow a conscious product or heart-centered business? 

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I believe we can run businesses and produce products in more sustainable ways to improve the lives of humans while maintaining balance with mother earth. I’ve written about sustainable manufacturing and conscious consumerism here.


I previously made my living doing product development, production/manufacturing, and merchandising at Rebecca Taylor, Gap Inc, and other apparel companies. I’ve worked with five startups; launched two startup brands, and many new product lines within existing businesses.

Recently, I produced a 2-day mind-body music wellness event together with musician East Forest; I helped launch Lightbox – NYC’s premiere digital arts and interactive events space; consulted for a virtual reality agency; helped manufacture the world’s first commercial 3D printing vending machine; and helped grow the business of musician Daniel Waples, amongst other exciting projects.

I expanded my knowledge and grew professionally as I moved into the startup world doing product management, operations, and ecommerce working directly with great innovators like Tom X Lee, Britta RileyJia Jia, RobinSkyler, and Mike.

I’ve established and implemented company-wide processes; produced, marketed, and shipped a variety of interesting products; managed all types of personalities, and ran large cross-functional teams. I like making magic happen, inspiring and motivating people, and getting things done – a juggling act that I love and know well. I’m­ passionate, entrepreneurial, and thrive in aglie environments. I especially love taking on new challenges, bringing people together, helping others grow, and continuously learning and growing.

For fun, I like running long distances, traveling to distant places, challenging my mind, meditating dailygrowing spiritually, studying Buddhism with my sangha at Dharmapunx, and connecting with the incredible mindful, conscious communities in the New York area. I keep life interesting by giving back to the world; collaborating with Le Ciel Foundation to help transform environmental and economic paradigms; co-creating an annual women’s weekend retreat; being on the board of a women’s networking group; building a 3D printer; teaching myself to code; learning at ITP camp; running the Burning Man Ultramarathon, and other fulfilling projects.

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Fun Facts


I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to travel all over the world, for business and pleasure, many times alone. I had adventures and brought back interesting stories: gun pointed to my head in Rio; pepper-sprayed in Taiwan; traveled alone via train through India; slept next to tarantulas in Peru. I’ve seen the inside of factories in Asia, was stunned by the amount of ships in the Singapore port, and had my breath taken away first seeing the Taj Mahal.

I learned a lot, made great friends along the way, and became a better person by seeing how the rest of the world lives.

In the Press

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Work With Me

Your Dreams... Made Real

I bring your dreams to life. Clothing. Cacao Ceremonies. Coffee. Events. Hardware. Healers. Herbalists. Musicians. Moon Circles. Websites. 3D Printers. Online businesses. Medical accessories. Hydroponic vegetable gardens.

No problem.

Have a Product or Business?

From idea to reality, I help your business and products go from concept to completion to revenue. Product development, production, strategies, sales, pricing, packaging, branding, websites, mindset…the works.

Sales, Ecommerce, Marketing

I once made a friend in a taxi line. A few months later, his products were sold in Bloomingdales. I’m good like that. And you can be too with my strategies and guidance. It’s time to be compensated for your talents & gifts.

People, Projects & Results

I produce tangible results, hold you accountable, keep you and your business moving forward with quick results: planning, calendars, clients, sales, strategies, budgets, negotiations, future planning, and staying on track for growth and success.

  • Beth is a risk-taker who’s not afraid to ask for anything.  She will do what it takes to get the job done well and efficiently.  She’s brings a delightful “lean-in” friendliness and positivity to sales and partnerships, which lead to win-win outcomes for all parties involved.  Beth is a valuable asset.  Don’t miss her.

    Britta Riley - CEO at Windowfarms
  • Beth has strong project management skills: she is amazingly detail-oriented and takes her work product seriously.  I could trust her to help us develop a well-executed final project, and keep us informed throughout.

    Jia Jia Ye - Director, Operations at One Medical Group
  • Beth worked with me on mining customer and partner data, sales and customer acquisition tests, determining shipping weights and costs in Magento, and a number of other business intelligence projects.  I highly recommend Beth and know whoever works with her will have a great resource on their team

    Skyler Shepard - CTO/Director of Technology
  • Beth rocks.

    Beth's friends - various interesting, intelligent & cool people




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